The Art of Neil Gaiman is out in the USA


My book is out today in America (UK, elsewhere: you’ll get it in July). It’s called The Art of Neil Gaiman and it’s about Neil Gaiman and all the stuff he’s done. I interviewed him for a week in Scotland. I lived in his attic for a week in Wisconsin. It’s taken four years to turn into a book with pages but it’s here.

Here’s me and himself with a copy for scale:

neilandartofneilHere’s how to get one:

US edition: Out now. Get it at or a local bookshop. Apparently it’s the only Neil Gaiman-related thing at Barnes and Noble right now.

UK edition: Pre-order at or Gosh! Comics or somewhere else. There’ll be a book launch at Gosh! on the 11th of July (THERE WILL ALSO BE BEER) and a signing or something at the British Library on the 19th. You’re invited to all of them. (Please come) (otherwise I will look like a wally at the British Library) (thanks)

Australia: It’s in your shops right now. I have been sent photos of it in Dymocks.

Pádraig Ó Méalóid just interviewed me about it for The Beat. Read it here.

ALSO: I’ll be interviewing Neil on stage after he reads The Truth is a Black Cave in the Mountains at the Barbican in July (both nights) and Edinburgh too. But right now I’m in the middle of nowhere in Scotland again, pulling faces like this by a loch.



You can see a huge extract of the book at Boing Boing focussing on Death, another one in Brain Pickings, and a thing about his teenage comics work in BuzzFeed.


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