Past stuff:


SYDNEY: Sunday, 9th November 2014, 11:45-12:40pm. Interview in the Writers’ Tent at the Newtown Festival. Details here.


MELBOURNE: Thursday, 13th November 2014, 6pm. In conversation with Richard Watts, host of 3RRR’s ‘Smartarts’ program. Details here.

women of letters


I read stories on stage in an off-a-bit-of-paper-like-David-Sedaris way rather than a stand-up way. I do it at various places around London and recently read at the Fiction Tent at the Wildnerness Festival for a bunch of hippies who did not like my story about taxidermy. If you want me to read something somewhere bung me an email.

Old thing I did:

When Hayley Campbell was between the ages of three and thirteen, her Dad (Eddie Campbell) was illustrating a 600 page graphic novel called From Hell, a book about Jack the Ripper and one of the grisliest and most over-theorised spate of serial killings in history. This is a talk about what becomes of a three-year-old whose father goes to the butcher and asks for bits of cow, places them on a hanky and uses them as picture reference for the insides of disembowelled prostitutes: she becomes totally obsessed with death. It’s an autobiographical history of horror comics – her own careening train of enthusiasm and the stuff it collided with on the way. There’s stuff you’ve heard of, stuff you haven’t, and stuff she’d be better off keeping to herself.

(This talk was part of The Catalyst Club, and the grim half of a sex and death double-bill held at The Last Tuesday Society and The Big Green Bookshop, 2011)